How Quitting 2 Jobs And Moving Back Home Saved My Life

At the beginning of 2016, I had reached new lows in my personal life. One of my closest friends passed away and I found out that my boyfriend of 2 years had been cheating on me. It was the worst mix of feelings.

On top of that my job at the time was unfulfilling to say the least.

I was living alone in a studio apartment, working full time, and going to school full time (online). It was rough times. A few months into 2016 I realized it was coming up on my 3rd year working with the same company.

3 years?! I had been miserable for 3 years? I was pretty horrified when I realized how much time had gone by. I just kept living paycheck to paycheck and kept telling myself:

“Don’t worry. It’ll will get better. You’ll figure it out….Later…”

quit your job

I knew I had to make a change ASAP.

I couldn’t go on living the same monotonous lifestyle. I had no inspiration. I had lost my inner happiness so long ago.

Before any more timed passed locked into the same miserable position at my former company, I quickly put in my 2 weeks.

I had no job lined up, no way to pay my bills. A week later I broke my lease, packed up a few belongings, sold all of my furniture, and moved back home to sleep on a couch.

It wasn’t an easy move. Being in my early 20’s and running back home.

But I threw any “pride” driven thoughts right out the window. This wasn’t about proving I could make it on my own. I had already done that for 3 years.

For me it was the beginning of a journey I had to embark on. I needed to find a job that made me happy.

After a few months I got my first blogging gig. It was for a local charity company. I was thrilled! Yes it was still an office job, but I’d be writing full time! I was ecstatic!

Feel a happy ending coming on?


2 weeks into the new blogging gig I realized the position was a few shades darker than I originally thought.

Not only was the charity helping no one & pocketing all the profits (my heart still breaks when I think about it) – but I was literally copy and pasting “fake news” articles into our blogging platforms – per their orders.

Miserable once again. My moral compass was bleeding and the management was pure evil.

Without another job in hand, I quit – no 2 weeks notice needed for this one. I literally couldn’t be there another day.

Back to the couch. Back to searching for the dream job I still believed was possible.

work from home

One day on Craigslist I happened upon another job geared towards blogging.  (P.S. I highly recommend using Craigslist to find jobs btw! A lot of people think it’s sketchy but there’s a lot of amazing opportunities on it, trust me!)

I quickly applied. A week and a half later I got a job interview. A week after that I had actually landed the job of my dreams!

I am so thankful to share that my current job is hands down the best job I’ve ever had. Its all remote (YAS!).

I’m finally doing exactly what I want. AND I have the best coworkers and boss, I’ve ever had everrrrrrrr! I still don’t know how I got so lucky.

dream job


Don’t work for A**Holes!

If you feel miserable at a job, bullied by your boss, underpaid, unappreciated – GET OUT ASAP. By no means do you have to stay at a job that makes you feel awful. When you’re in a hostile work place it will drain completely suck away your self esteem. A job is not worth your sanity.

Get on That Couch!

Never have any shame in moving back home if you have to. I’m so happy I moved back home. It was super hard and my poor family had to put up with me snoring away in the living room – BUT it was so worth it. I have the job of my dreams – I’ve never been happier.

Finding Your Fit Takes Time:

It took me over a year and a half to find my dream job. I absolutely hope you all find it on your first try. But if you don’t, it’s ok. Don’t get discouraged. Keep checking those job postings daily until you find your perfect fit.



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