Must Haves For October 2017
  1. This Amazing Cleanser from Youth to the People. Youth to the People is one of my favorite skincare brands because all of their products contain 100% Vegan Ingredients – they are 100% Cruelty Free (Absolutely no animal testing!) – & all products are free from added fragrances, color, and do not contain parabens.

2. An adorable poloroid camera to take all the candid shots. I miss instantly having a photo shoot out of a camera and excitingly waiting for it to develop lol. Hoping this will deliver before Halloween celebrations begin!


3. A Cat Coffee Mug – because let’s face it, no one can have enough of these bad boys. Meow!


4. A cute geometric planter box to brighten up a work space. 



5. Herbivore Botanical’s all natural Coco Rose body polish. My skin loves me after I use this. Much glow. So wow.


6. The towel that perfectly describes who I am haha…



7. The perfect motivational gym water bottle.



8. The perfect new game to play at a Halloween House Party.


9. A Halloween decoration that I will probably just keep up all year round…


10. And of course the perfect backup Halloween costume (I usually procrastinate so having a pair of cat ears handy always helps)


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