An Honest Review On Juice Beauty Makeup

Juice Beauty is one of the few makeup lines out there that has an astounding ingredient list. It doesn’t have any parabens or pesticides unlike many of the other leading makeup lines out there.

When I first started getting curious about health and wellness one of my shocking A-Ha moments came when I realized how many harmful ingredients can be found in popular makeup brands.

From mercury in skin creams, to lead found in lipsticks, the more I researched the more horrified I became.

The thought of putting these harmful products on my face and letting all of those bad chemicals soak in my skin for 8+ hours was a way of life I wanted to stay far away from.

How I Found Juice Beauty

After all this research my anxiety peaked and I immediately drove to my local Ulta store to find healthier alternatives.

I was greeted by a gorgeous sales associate and immediately told her my worries. When I asked her about healthy make up options she immediately led me to the Juice Beauty section of the store.

This woman was friggin gorgeous and she swore by Juice Beauty. She said it’s the only make up she will ever wear. She even told me she worked for MAC for 10 years but when she realized how unhealthy some of their products were she quickly quit.

I figured she had to be 30 years old based on her looks but she later told me she was 44! What the halibut! That woman’s got some secrets (maybe using Juice Beauty for so long is one of them…)

What I LOVE About Juice Beauty

Here are the mega-benefits of this makeup line:

  1. They have authentically organic formulas made with certified organic ingredients
  2. Everything that touches your face is formulated without parabens, petroleum, pesticides, propylene or butylene glycols, silicones, talc, carbon black, phthalates, sulfates, PEGs, TEA, DEA, GMO, silicones, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances
  3. All products are vegan & never tested on animals
  4. The company supports amazing sustainable practices and locally sourced ingrediants

The Struggles

The Concealer

juice beauty makeup review

I have some pretty dark circles under my eyes so concealer with good coverage is a must!

The consistency of this concealer is actually pretty thick. It did do the job when it came to covering up under eye splotches.

Unfortunately what I noticed throughout the day while wearing the concealer is that it clumps…A LOT.

By the end of the day my under eye area looked super heavy and tired. I kind of looked like I hadn’t slept in 8 days and I smashed some makeup on in a failed effort.

Not only did my under eyes seem extra puffy but there were also some visible creases where the make up just refused to blend.

THE CURE: If you don’t need heavy coverage, this concealer will work just fine. Use a very light amount and blend softly. DON’T pile on layers.

The Foundation

juice beauty makeup review

I still have some acne scarring so again, strong coverage is needed in a liquid foundation.

I found this foundation to be nearly impossible to blend. You have to do it as soon as it lands on your face (god forbid it starts to dry!).

I found that the more I would try to blend it the worse it would get. Eventually the foundation would just tear off and fold into what looked like left over bits from a pencil eraser.

Obviously wasn’t too pumped about having small bumps of dried foundation all over my face after trying to blend this liquid in for about 30 mins.

THE CURE: Use very little liquid. Use it on your face in sections- blend as you go.

Overall Opinion

Besides the struggles I had with the concealer and liquid foundation- I still enjoy a lot of Juice Beauty products to this day.

I never had an issue with any of their powders, lipsticks, or eye shadows.

And their skincare line is to die for. I’m currently obsessed with their “GREEN APPLE Peel Full Strength Exfoliating Mask”¬†and any of their moisturizers are guaranteed to make your skin swoon.

Obviously take caution when it comes to the concealer and foundation. Highly recommend trying it out in store before you buy!

Would love to hear what you guys think about this makeup line and if you’ve found any others that have the whole package!!!



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