Do Jade Face Rollers Actually Work? Or Are They Just A Beauty Myth? Here Is What I Found After a 2 Week Experiment

I’m sure you’ve seen countless ads and quick beauty videos on instagram showcasing the infamous jade roller.

I don’t know how many gorgeous models I’ve seen (with already perfect amazing skin…) lightly gliding these crystallized tools over their faces….

jade face roller

I definitely wasn’t convinced…

I still had plenty of questions.

How exactly does this new age woo-woo tool really help your skin?

Does it really help with acne scars and fine lines?

And most importantly:

Are these $30 trinkets really worth all the hype?

The only way I could honestly answer this question for myself and anyone else looking for an honest review of jade face rollers I had to do two things:

  1. Plenty of deep web research
  2. A 2 week trial of using one every single night before bed

Here’s what I found:


The Science Behind Jade Rollers

Jade itself has become a very popular gemstone in the beauty and wellness world. It has long been believed that jade has multiple spiritual and holistic benefits and more recently is has been all the hype in skin care.

On countless websites and blog articles, you will see major benefits to using a jade roller such as:

It reduces puffiness
It can reduce fine lines
It supports healthy blood circulation + helps the lymphatic system drain properly
It can help to boost natural collagen
It can reduce pore size

But how can one little wand do all of this magic?

Many experts and iconic aestheticians have claimed that jade rollers can have a very real effect on puffiness and reducing fine lines HOWEVER they are not miraculous quick fixes that most influencers and beauty experts have claimed them to be.

AND you will not see any benefits at all if you don’t use a jade face roller in the correct way.

How To Use A Jade Roller The RIGHT Way

To fully enjoy the benefits of jade rolling, you first have to ensure you are doing it the ‘right’ way. One of the key benefits that stood out the most to me was the idea of supporting lymphatic drainage. Some dermatologists claim that by assisting lymphatic drainage in skin cells, it is quite possible to prevent breakouts. This definitely peaked my interest…

This is one of the reasons why it is extra important to make sure you are rolling in the direction + motion to stimulate the specific lymph nodes in the face.

Some aestheticians also claim that to reap the full benefits of jade rolling, that you should massage the face for at least 10-20 minutes to see a lasting difference. (I think I averaged out at right around 7 mins during my 2 week experiment)

Here are some simple guidelines to follow when using a jade face roller:

Forehead: Move from the center of the forehead beginning at the hairline, rolling outward towards the ears.

Eyes: Use the small end of the roller to slightly tone any under-eye trouble areas. Move from the inner corner of the eye area towards the ear. Be very delicate with this region of your face. The skin around your eye is very fragile and most susceptible to wrinkles.

Nose, Lips, Chin: Use the larger end of the jade roller larger to roll from the nose out to the ear. Use the same outward motion with the lips and the chin. Roll firmly along the lower jawline around the chin, making your way slowly out to the ear.

Jaw + Neck: Start at your chin and roll upward towards your cheekbones. Make relaxing massaging motions up under the chin towards ears. Then back down the neck towards your collar bones.


My 2 Week Experiment Using A Jade Roller

Night #1

Before I even picked up that gorgeous little jade roller, I went through my usual routine. I removed all of my make-up and double cleansed my face.

I wanted to extra make sure that all makeup, dirt, or any external clutter was off of my face. The thought of rolling excess makeup or dirt into my pores with a jade roller definitely gives me the creeps.

Once my face was clean I applied a super hydrating toner.

Then I plopped down on my bed. Queued up an episode of the office I’ve seen 18 times and went to rolling.

+++(Also be sure to lightly cleanse your jade roller before applying it to your face! It’s important to do this before every use)+++

After quite a few minutes of going through the motions with my handy dandy jade roller, I quickly applied my moisturizer and passed out.

The Next Morning…

jade face roller

When I woke up the next morning and peeked at my sleepy face in the mirror I noticed that my face looked surprisingly happy. I was going through an angry breakout at the time and the morning after using the face roller my face seemed to calm down quite a bit.

I think this was highly attributed to:

The new hydrating toner I was using
The motion of the jade roller (stimulating drainage and allowing the hydrating toner to sink deeper into my pores)
A luscious night of sleep

After such a lovely surprise after just one use with my new jade roller I was excited to keep up the experiment.

Week #1

There definitely wasn’t an epic change between Day 1 vs Day 7. However my skin did gradually seem to be more hydrated with less explosive breakouts which was a lovely side effect.

I was definitely starting to enjoy the ritualistic aspect of using the jade roller a lot. It seemed like such a lovely extra step of self care in the evenings that was super relaxing.

Week #2 + Final Results

Now naturally there was no insane before and after by day 14. However I was definitely noticing some positive changes in my skin.

My dark under eye circles seemed to be a little more deflated (thank god!).

And my skin overall seem hydrated and pleasantly plump. I don’t really have any issues with fine lines. My problems with my skin are active breakouts and acne scarring.

After my 2 week trial using a jade roller every night, it definitely seemed like my acne scars were a little less noticeable and I didn’t have any serious acne breakouts occurring or on the horizon.

The Final Verdict: Would I Recommend Using A Jade Roller?

best jade face roller

I definitely found that adding a jade roller to my nightly skin care routine definitely helped to improve my skin’s quality.

Again I will emphasize these weren’t crazy overnight changes, but definitely enough for me to take notice of the subtle benefits.

I did notice my skin looking:

  1. Less puffy

2. More hydrated

Not only did the jade roller help with some of my trouble areas but the simple motion of massaging my face every night was extremely relaxing to me.

Thankfully jade gemstones tend to be naturally cold, so it felt incredibly soothing to apply the cool roller onto my flushed face after a long day.

You can also pop your jade roller in the fridge for an even cooler experience.

The Final Say: Yes Indeedy – I would recommend adding this lovely tool to your skin care routine.

My New Skin Care Routine

Product Line Up:


Here is exactly what I do every night (and my face absolutely loves me for it!).

1. Remove all makeup

2. Use an oil-based cleanser. (Lately I’ve been addicted to The Face Shop’s Natural Rice Water Cleanser – It feels amazing and only runs about $8 for a decently sized bottle)

3. Use a water based cleanser

4. Make sure to clean face roller before use

5. Apply a hydrating toner right before you use your jade roller. (I personally love the Dr.Belmeur Toner – It’s perfect for helping you skin retain moisture and look and feel extra hydrated)

6. Roll Roll Roll Away

7. Apply moisturizer

Ta-Da! Happy Rolling Everyone! xxoo

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