Baked Buffalo Bites Recipe


I am pretty obsessed with all things buffalo.

Before I started exploring vegan recipes, I definitely ate my share of buffalo chicken wraps, buffalo chicken tenders, and pretty much anything slathered in buffalo sauce.

Even though there are plenty of chicken tender alternatives out there (gardein crispy tenders are my favorite right now) – I found myself wanting something similar to my buffalo chicken memories.

And I wanted a treat that wasn’t super processed.

There are plenty of recipes online for a variety of tofu tenders but most of them involve deep frying them so I decided to try making a healthier alternative.


buffalo bites




This recipe is super simple and only requires 3 ingredients. I tend to always make a full batch (with either 1-2 packages of tofu) so I have a delicious supply of buffalo nuggets to snack on during the week.

Without further ado here is the mouth watering recipe to satisfy all of your buffalo cravings:

buffalo bites

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