5 Instagram Tips For Beginners

If you’re still pretty new to instagram then these tips should be super helpful.

I’ve done a lot of research especially when I was first starting out. Unfortunately most of the posts I came across, usually labeled: “How to grow your instagram” or “Helpful instagram tips for beginners” – turned out to not be so helpful after all.

This is what I found to actual start boosting your insta strength.

1. Develop a Color Scheme

A good rule to stick by is keeing your grid (the first 12 photos that appear in your feed) the exact same color scheme.

Of course you can transition to other colors but do so slowly. You want your page to look very uniform. The more random your posts are, the more confused your followers will get.

You can stick to specific tints of color or simply edit all of your pictures the exact same way. That way even if the subject of the photo is different, it will still flow naturally in your grid.

Some editing examples I found helpful:


If you would like a more in depth guide on how to edit a single photo (how to use VSCO cam / play with filters / contrast / saturation ) please let me know! Would be more than happy to go more in depth if need be.











2. Forget About Sunday

There always seems to be optimum times to post on instagram. I live in the eastern time zone, and my instagram posts seem to do the best when they are posted at 10:00 pm or later. Not sure if everyone on instagram is a night owl too, but it seems to be a prime time to post.

what time to post on instagram

If you start poking around online, you’ll see all kinds of different recommenced times for different days of the week.

Some blogs say noon.

Some blogs say 5 pm because that’s when everyone’s out of work.

In all honestly this is simply something you’ll have to test out for yourself. Every niche and time zone is different.

However – with all of my studies, (and my many chats with my fellow friends that are big on instagram) Sunday is the worst day to post!

Any kind of instagram traction (likes/ follows / whatever you’re after) simply doesn’t happen on Sundays.

If you’re trying to meet a quota of one photo for each day of the week, I recommend doubling up on Monday (just post 2 photos on Monday instead).

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post on Sundays. It simply means if you post a pic on a Sunday and don’t get your usual flood of likes and comments – Don’t panic. Everyone is out brunching and trying to run away from Monday.

3. Public Vs. Private

instagram account tips This might seem like a silly thing to mention but I keep seeing it more and more so I had to include this tip.

If you want to reach your audience you absolutely have to set your account to “Public”.

Nobody can see your posts or interact with you if you have a private profile – simple as that.

If you have reasons for keeping a profile private then by all means-don’t change it.

In that case I would suggest creating a separate account and using that one solely for business / building a brand.

Having your profile set to public is super important. More times than not, people won’t take the time to request you.

 4. How to Use Hashtags

how to use hashtags


I can’t stress it enough:

Hashtags are REALLY important.

I’ve come across some super amazing instagrams, but they didn’t have any likes, followers, or literally any engagement.

Why you might be asking?

They weren’t using any hashtags so their target audience couldn’t find them. Building a brand on instagram is hard enough – don’t make it harder by avoiding hashtags altogether.

I recommend using anywhere from 5-10 hashtags. Definitely don’t go crazy and do 20+. I’m pretty sure Instagram isn’t too fond of that sort of thing.

I also recommend using hashtags that don’t have millions of posts. For example:

#travel has 223,195,749 posts

while #traveloften only has 290,982 posts.

You are much more likely to attract real engagement using #traveloften, because there is less competition (and your posts will actually be visible for a decent amount of time if someone is searching through this hashtag).


5. Advice from Aimee

Aimee Song, from Song of Style, definitely knows what she’s doing when it comes to crushing it on Instagram.

One of the best investments I ever made was buying her book called “Capture Your Style”.

It taught me so much about how to create the best possible photos for instagram. She also goes into detail about how to make money through instagram which I thought was super interesting.

Capture Your Style: Transform Your Instagram Photos, Showcase Your Life, and Build the Ultimate Platform

The only downside I found with this read was that Aimee has been blogging for YEARS. Meaning by the time instagram launched she already had a pretty massive following. Because of this, her insta-fame grew overnight so she never really had to start from square one.

Keeping this in mind, she has almost 5 million followers on instagram right now.

She knows exactly what she’s doing.

If you can’t afford her book, then I highly recommend following her on instagram. She’s a great example of what to do on a daily basis to be successful on instagram.

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